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Settling in with the cats

So pleased to say… the cats seem to be enjoying themselves.  There is deep purring all round and enough sofas to satisfy most demands.  Also some very high cupboards in the kitchen onto which there is access via the mantelpiece from the back of a dining chair.  Very satisfying 🙂

The journey up from the South with Mike and Emma was fairly uneventful, but their (the cats’) parting shot was to catch a pheasant the night before – well done girls!!! – and Phoebe kung foo kicked her way out of her cat box in the car on the way to the station.  I would have had someone sit with them to calm them, but this obviously wasn’t an option.  Anyway, they caught her and she arrived at King’s Cross very cross but otherwise well.  They then had to wait an hour and a half with us for the train to Edinburgh, and then spent nigh on five hours on the train itself.  Cleo had her nose stroked until she was comatose and slept all the way, and I held Phoebe’s paw.  She managed almost all the way and had a little panic / strop in the last twenty minutes.  Enormous joy when they got to the flat and could explore.

We kept them in the playroom for the first couple of nights (until I was sure they knew exactly where the litter tray was!) and now they are free ranging everywhere night and day.  They haven’t tried to get out yet – well, the weather is wet and cold – and seem very happy.  None of the yowling that was driving Mike and Emma mad, just a lot of purring.  Phoebe has recovered her ability to do somersaults and was entertaining Joolz with them last night 🙂

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Bringing the cats home

Joolz and I are off to London to pick up Phoebe and Cleo.  My ex-husband no longer wants them, so although they will miss the countryside, they are much better off where they will be loved and cherished, in the way those with an oriental feline persuasion like best.  We are working on Monday until mid-afternoon in London, then we’ll meet the cats (in their travel boxes, and accompanied by ex-husband) at King’s Cross for the 6pm train up to Edinburgh.  I’ve been informed that they are in very good voice, so the journey should be interesting 🙂  We have invested heavily in cat nip.

We are SOOOOO looking forward to having them with us, and despite my not having lived with them for over 18 months now, I’m hoping they’ll settle in fairly swiftly – the first week or so just in the flat, then we will have had cat flaps installed so they can make their first tentative steps out into the great beyond of masses and masses of back gardens back to back – two crescents effectively, all with small walled gardens.  They will encounter more cats than they have ever met before and absolutely no deer or badgers, but probably the odd fox here and there.  We shall endeavour to keep them away from the road at the front for as long as possible.  They haven’t seen 5 storey buildings yet, but I’ll wager Phoebe will give it a go.

Goodness knows how they will respond to a highly restricted outdoors playground in terms of space… but more interest per square inch than they have ever dreamed of.  At least they will be allowed in the house at night, which should probably go down very well.  We are thinking warm, soft, radiators, sofas, beds, airing cupboards, that sort of thing.  In fact I shall be encouraging them to lounge around in the flat as much as possible.  In terms of inside interest, I think the rope bannisters up the stairs will provide good climbing facilities, and the flat lends itself nicely to being developed as a race course 🙂

In the meantime we are sitting on the train on our way down to London, and I am revelling in the ability to mess around with my laptop, check out ravelry, and get some knitting in at the same time, all of which is impossible when flying.  It does bump around, though!

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Knitting and trauma

I’m traveling again, in London doing the last of six modules in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing Training for treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and physiological or neurological overwhelm in the body and brain.  Good 3-year training, full-on, but we certainly end up knowing what we are doing. 

Trauma Knitting… Ishbel with garter stitch instead of stocking stitch – a little like wool pedlar’s shawl in that respect, but much wider.  Even wider than the original Ishbel design, obviously, as garter stitch reduces the length down the middle from centre back to tip.  I’m enjoying it, even having to frequently rip back a row when I haven’t paid attention – or is it the trauma – anyway, it’s looking lovely in raspberry pink hand-dyed 4ply yarn.

I’ve finished two ‘Perky Parallelogram’ scarves, smallish and not unsurprisingly parallelogram-shaped.  No picis as yet, life in general has been full-on, without the trauma training to complicate matters. 

I’m fantasizing about doing some Mindful Awareness Meditation training after this… it’s an oasis on the horizon… 🙂

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It’s finished at last… completed almost entirely whilst commuting between Edinburgh and London, and a little at City Knitty Stitch and Bitch in Edinburgh.  The scarf goes with so much of what I wear – and with what Joolz wears too 🙂  The Noro sock yarn looks fairly good in this incarnation – for socks I would not used it unstriped. 

Snow at Gatwick Feather and Fan scarf

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Snow at Gatwick

I was down in London on Monday, flew Sunday night in the snow and then got diverted to Stansted!!!!!!!  … but we didn’t land there and got diverted to Heathrow instead.  Phew!  Stansted is a fate worse than death and I might still be trying to get out of there now, had we landed there. 

It took us from 11pm til 12:30 to get into central London with the tube on the Piccadilly line stopping, running out of power, then the men having to scrape the ice off the rails by hand!!! and finally we limped into Kings Cross, where it was 12:30 and not a taxi in sight, but 6 inches of snow on the ground.  So I dragged my little suitcase to the hotel.  40 minutes it took me, and I was a retrospective snowplough all the way down the Euston Road 🙂 

featherandfannoro1When I finally finished on Monday night I was running for the last and only flight to Edinburgh like a demented quasimodo.  However, I had managed to slide into John Lewis and buy some Kureyon Sock Yarn and a pair of extremely bendy plastic needles to start a scarf, should I a) not be able to get to Gatwick or b) find my flight cancelled or delayed into next week.  Neither happened, but I have here a lovely new WIP, a feather and fan scarf!

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