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Our garden has been giving us a bumper crop of (inadvertant) Comfrey – Symphytum officinale – so I gathered it all in and set about drying the leaves.  First wash everything as it seems to be mud-splattered, then strip the leaves from the stalks, or the other way round.  I found that folding the leaves along their stalks inwards, so underside out, allowed me to grasp the stalk and tear it out from the stalk all the way up, almost to the tip where it becomes very thin.  Then the drying…

On greaseproof paper on the floor in the library?  Not even wilting.  In the laundry with the airing cupboard door open?  Becoming if anything slightly less dry.  Hung in bunches from the light fittings (candelabra type thingies, so lots of branches to hang things from)?  Nothing.  Last resort, oven on at a very low temperature.  Hours, hours, hours and hours later… nothing.  Huh?  I took my problem with me (the problem, not the symphytum) to Catherine at the RBGE, who recommended a dehydrator – from Lakeland for about £50.  So…

Ta daaaahhhh!

I have a new toy 🙂

Very pleased with it, and the symphytum dried in about 3 hours.  The second batch is now in.


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