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Browsing ravelry again – overtaken with urge to knit another Daybreak.  Such a good design.  I gave the one I knitted to a friend for her birthday – need one for myself.  Also a Boneyard in finer yarn than the pattern was written for.  And an Arroway…

First, Tempest.  It’s been on my list for so long, and I think I have the yarn for it.  We’ll see.

I’ve been stalled by Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heels, not fitting quite right, intriguing, like them, don’t like them.  I’ll try casting on for Tempest tonight at City Knitty.


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Projects update

Glancing at my projects on ravelry, it appears that I am getting stuck or side tracked at about 75%. Usually I’m a finisher… but maybe not…

Green and pink twist fingerless gauntlets nearly done, will be done by Sunday evening. That’s my last Joolzless knitting time before Christmas. Yippee!!! And get a move on!!! The yarn from Natural Dye Studio is gorgeous.

Garter and stocking stitch stripes shawl… got shelved to do the gauntlets. Will finish. Not sure about the splitty Wendy yarn.

Keep me sane socks… I’ve lost interest, but will definitely finish. Maybe over Christmas. I’m still not enamoured of Noro sock yarn. Ah well, but they ARE socks! And I DO need some more socks! Have I talked them up enough?

772 squares wrap? I got beaten down by the very large number of skeins I felt I had to carry around with me if I wanted to make this portable. Given my dashing between Brighton and London and Edinburgh, everything needs to be portable at the moment. I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to being in (largely) one place at a time. Nearly all week in the same city, apart from a swoop to London? Bliss.

I’ve taken the top down circular raglan silk pullover out of hibernation. It looks at me out of my knitting basket every time I sit on the sofa. I really do love it.

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I have no picis yet of the shetland Triangle shawl I did… almost finished… for the Ravelympics, but it is coming on apace.  Had I done the specified number of repeats I would have finished well within the deadline, but that would have given me a shawl about 50cm deep and 1m across, so not much use for wearing.  I took it on holiday to Donegal with me, but didn’t get much done, then steamed away with it when we got back to Brighton, but since then I’ve got back to work… and I’m flying to Edinburgh tonight… where Joolz socks await me.

Joolz (re-) learned to knit this August and has started a scarf – or scraf, as we bizarrely now call them – in blue blue blues from my stash.  5 sts garter stitch each side, then blocks of 10 stocking stitch, 10 reverse stocking stitch for 50 stitches, reversing these when the colour changes, at random, or when Joolz gets fed up with the current one.  Which is how I did mine, here.

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Retro-rib Koigu socks…

… are coming on apace.  It takes an hour to get to Victoria from Brighton on the train, and because I am getting on at Brighton, I get a seat!!! Yippee!!! Which means that I get some knitting done.  On Monday it was 4 – 5 inches worth of a retro-rib sock in Koigu sock yarn.  It’s turning out like a distinguished rainbow, none of these harsh colours, no, just very mellow.

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Keep me sane socks

Do what they say on the tin!  Noro sock yarn, Retro Rib Socks pattern from Interweave’s Favorite Socks.

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What AM I going to knit next?  Scroll down for picis of the finished Ravens’ Wing Forest Canopy Shawl.  Shall I just get on with the 772 squares shawl? 

Or start some new socks?  Or another shawl??? I fancy a Swallowtail.  There are loads of them on Ravelry, mouthwatering!  I love nearly all the socks in Interweave’s ‘Favorite Socks’ and I really want to try out the ‘Two-Yarn Resoleable Socks’ with some less durable 4ply yarns on top, and proper sock yarn for the soles, toes and heels.  Imagine cashmere socks that can actually be worn?

Then again, I need something mindless and portable, as things are still very stressful at home.  Maybe some simple socks from the koigu yarn I bought at K1 Yarns in Edinburgh.  Must do something with yarn from stash 🙂

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New yarns!

I’ve been enhancing my stash again 🙂








Beautiful cobweb kid mohair lace yarn from the Natural Dye Studio in a dusty apricot.

Burgundy cobweb yarn in lambswool and silk – 2000m of this.

and from Edinburgh’s LYS K1, Noro’s Kureyon sock yarn.  200g so about 840m.  I thought I might like to do something lacy with it, but the long, long colour repeats work against that, so I think it will be good old socks.  Am into socks at the moment.

And the Forest Canopy shawl is beginning to look like nothing on earth, a very good indication in lace that one is getting somewhere at last 🙂

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