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Browsing ravelry again – overtaken with urge to knit another Daybreak.  Such a good design.  I gave the one I knitted to a friend for her birthday – need one for myself.  Also a Boneyard in finer yarn than the pattern was written for.  And an Arroway…

First, Tempest.  It’s been on my list for so long, and I think I have the yarn for it.  We’ll see.

I’ve been stalled by Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heels, not fitting quite right, intriguing, like them, don’t like them.  I’ll try casting on for Tempest tonight at City Knitty.

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I am, that is… something wheezy in my throat and chest, so have had to cancel clients for today and tomorrow, they wouldn’t appreciate me spluttering over them.  Hopefully I’ll have bounced back to enthousiastic self by Monday. 

The new commuter knitting is based on Anne Hanson’s Cluaranach, a beautiful stole in 4ply.  I’m doing it in a very weird chinese yarn (ebay!!) which appears to be 100% something and 10% something else… (help!), feels and smells like wool.  It’s space dyed in short lengths of autumn reds, greens, gold, and is lovely and clean to knit with.  I’m just doing the Thistle Flower Border for the whole stole/wrap/shawl/very wide scarf, in one piece, as I really don’t want to be grafting and the pattern is good to work.  Interesting AND memorable.  It was ok on the way down to London on Sunday, but on the way back I was already fighting off the lurgy and had to frog two rows.  Hmmm.  Picis when I can be bothered to get out of my comfy chair.

I’m also into Vinyasa by Susan Pandorf, another of my favourite lace designers, Pandosu on Ravelry, (have I already blogged this? Head full of cotton wool) in wonderful Malabrigo lace yarn in dusty pink.  That would be my commuter knitting but I prefer working it on metal lace addis, and I can only get plastic blunt, bendy needles through Gatwick security.   Susan has a real eye for detail and clarity in her designs, and in this one her use of twisted stitches with dropped ladders is very good fun.

Must find honey and lemon…

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Yes, I’m trying to sort my queue out again.  Can’t quite get the hang of where to add set tags as opposed to normal tags, except set tags are easier as you just click on them.  As usual my queue would have me knitting until I’m 380, that is if I didn’t add any items between now and then. 

I’m getting into Twist Collective, love their designs.  At last more demanding and less of the ‘fast food, fast knitting’ approach.  As I’ve observed the Ravelry phenomenon over the last few months, it seems to me that exposure to very good knitting has increased the standard of all things knitterly.  Knitters are again attempting more complex items without making a big song and dance about it, and achieving beautiful results.  Twist is a very auspicious symptom of this, I think.

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52 Books in 52 Weeks

A mad Ravelry idea, one that I am finding inspiring right now – I may well have more reading opportunities this year.  We are not supposed to read one book every week, but an average of 52 in 52 weeks, i.e. by 31st December 2009.   And not just knitting books!

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What to knit next?????

This is the perennial question, and the ravelry queue isn’t helping, no, not at all. Of all the wonderful things on there that I determined to knit immediately, now I have the space and time, I don’t fancy any of them.

No.  The only thing to do is to PRUNE!  This is befitting of New Year And All That and a clean sweep to make room for new mad things to do and ponder.   Certainly more gloves, and a couple of scarves or shawls, definitely beaded.  Susan Pandorf’s designs are lovely.  And, of course, Anne Hanson. 

Over the break I finished Joolz’ socks up in Edinburgh – didn’t take camera so no picis yet, and started some buttoned gauntlets for me.  Also left in Ed because of the knitting needle flying restrictions at Gatwick. 

Which brings me to… my flight home last nigiht from Edinburgh, which, because of strikes at Spanish airports, was delayed 5 hours from 19-20 to midnight-15!  This meant that I missed the last train to Brighton by enormous amounts and I found myself at the taxi kiosk discovering that a cab to Brighton would cost me £60.  Then appeared a lovely lady who also wanted to go to Brighton, and we shared.  Serendipitous!  I got to bed at 3am, not bad given what might have been.  Now had I been able to knit, my new gloves would have been finished!  I’ll try security again with wooden circulars, and see if they let those through.  When I asked they were adamant that even those were not welcome.

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Anne Hanson

Oh my word, this woman designs some lovely stuff. She is ‘knitspot’ on ravelry, or just search for her. I want to knit Alhambra!

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Ravelry favourites and queued

Oh dear… my favourites are expanding like my stash and my queue is now long enough to eat up all my stash and a little more. So, what do I do? Stop queueing? Order queued items more diligently? Instead of encouraging me to get organised and work through my already hefty stash, I’ve found that Ravelry is the most amazing real live stash enhancing enabler – largely by virtue of the queue.

So I have decided that my queue is not so much a to-do list as a statement of intent, and, mostly, an inspiration.  The higher up the queue, the more likely the intent will be materialised.  How wonderful to have a ‘to-do’ list that is for inspiration only 🙂

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