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Yarn Goddess in Edinburgh

Sunday was the day, and I went to K1 Yarns with the intention of bagging greens. Forest, grass, lime, sage, sea, sap, stem, there they were… lace weight and 4ply, alpaca / merino / cashmere blends… bliss!!! I came away with some 4ply weight in Scottish Thistle, a blend of greens and blue/greys, some light grass green lace weight, and darker, softer, more bluey grass green lace weight, and just 400m of more sock 4ply in, er, green. To round it off I couldn’t resist burnt orange lace weight. YUM!!!


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Ulmus and hand-dyed yarns

I’ve been thinking about using hand-dyed yarns in shawls, the kind of yarns that have big colour changes, not semi-solids.  The latter look beautiful, always, the former can look garish and clunky, jarring from one colour to another.  This pattern, Ulmus, is one that can take advantage of big colour changes and show off these yarns to their best, by combining them with one solid which holds the whole thing together.  Some of the examples in the gallery are just amazing.  I think I prefer the ones in which the edging is in the darker yarn, whether that’s the multicoloured yarn or the more solid one.

I want to knit one in green.  Green green green.  Several greens.

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