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What to knit next?????

This is the perennial question, and the ravelry queue isn’t helping, no, not at all. Of all the wonderful things on there that I determined to knit immediately, now I have the space and time, I don’t fancy any of them.

No.  The only thing to do is to PRUNE!  This is befitting of New Year And All That and a clean sweep to make room for new mad things to do and ponder.   Certainly more gloves, and a couple of scarves or shawls, definitely beaded.  Susan Pandorf’s designs are lovely.  And, of course, Anne Hanson. 

Over the break I finished Joolz’ socks up in Edinburgh – didn’t take camera so no picis yet, and started some buttoned gauntlets for me.  Also left in Ed because of the knitting needle flying restrictions at Gatwick. 

Which brings me to… my flight home last nigiht from Edinburgh, which, because of strikes at Spanish airports, was delayed 5 hours from 19-20 to midnight-15!  This meant that I missed the last train to Brighton by enormous amounts and I found myself at the taxi kiosk discovering that a cab to Brighton would cost me £60.  Then appeared a lovely lady who also wanted to go to Brighton, and we shared.  Serendipitous!  I got to bed at 3am, not bad given what might have been.  Now had I been able to knit, my new gloves would have been finished!  I’ll try security again with wooden circulars, and see if they let those through.  When I asked they were adamant that even those were not welcome.

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Having lived in the same house for 23 years, I moved into Brighton four months ago and now I’m on the move again, trying to find a flat somewhere hundreds of miles from where I actually am now.  This time it’s up to Edinburgh, and that’s not going to be the last move.  I’ll rent there, if I ever find anywhere, whinge, moan, then either buy with J or we’ll rent together until I can sell the old homestead and then we’ll buy there.  I am looking forward to it, really I am.  It’s just a bit overwhelming.

It’s not just me I’m moving, it’s my livelihood, and I’m not absolutely sure that it will survive the upheaval.  I’ve just removed all references to the Brighton clinic from my website Myofascial Release Clinic and it feels as if I am cutting off a life line – but but but – there is still the London clinic – and and and – I am already building up a client base in Edinburgh who will hopefully pass on my name to others.  For goodness sake, I’m used to building clinic…  Hmmm … didn’t take me too long to be booked up in Brighton, but it’s still a bit scary.

It all means that I need more help from very good ice cream, Green and Black’s chocolate, and yummy yarns.  I’m looking into Kauni at the moment.  There doesn’t seem to be much stock around, and a lot of it is from the US which seems mad to me, since it’s European yarn.  Rant rant rant, I can see myself  descending into prickly, stressed Ms Angry from Tunbridge Wells.  Brighton.  Barcombe.  Wherever.   I don’t actually need any more yarn, do I?

OK, I’ve just found some Kauni at Janette’s Rare Yarns.  Looks yummy, doesn’t it?  Janette’s Rare Yarns.  Shame it’s out of stock.   Mumble grumble.  Or maybe this one?  Don’t know what to do with it anyway.  Grumble mumble.  Pass the bin 50.  I’m going to be so good and not succomb.  To the yarn, that is.  I’ll just bookmark the site for a later date. 

Gauntlets are going well.  I’m half way down the gauntletty bit on the second one, about 4 inches in.  Won’t take long now.  The first one fits me very well, despite the fact that it looked a little large to begin with.  J has larger hands than me, so they will be nigh on perfect.  I think the key is to knit them on slightly smaller needles than normal, so they look really crisp.  And the Blue Faced Leicester yarn from Natural Dye Studio is divine.


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Christmas knitting

Didn’t think it was going to happen – but I started fingerless gauntlets for J at Brighton’s Stitch’n’Bitch yesterday evening, and knit on into the night after several ‘just one more round’ moments (tucked up in bed … see the exciting life I lead?).  I managed to personalise the garter stitch top… and also to write down what I had done so the other glove will be more or less the same 🙂










I’m loving the pink and green twists.

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Perthshire in the snow

We went to Perthshire over the last weekend. And it snowed, so when we woke up on Sunday morning, everything was covered. So the focus of my knitting zoomed straight to mitts and gloves and hats. How wonderful weather is!

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Gloves and socks

As I spend more time in Edinburgh I’m beginning to notice the need for gloves… and warm socks…  The quality of weather in Edinburgh is a state of mind.  Either it’s beautiful, even when it’s cold, wet and windy, or it’s – well – cold wet and windy.  Or should I say, the quality of Edinburgh weather is a state of underwear, overwear, gloves, socks and attitude.  I love it and support that decision with plenty of warm, easy to move in clothing.

Now I need to look at gloves, particularly fingerless gloves, as I don’t like not being able to feel with my fingers.  German sock yarn comes to mind, and I shall look on ravelry for ideas.  Well, and this will get me back into sock knitting in a big way 🙂

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