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… and it’s not even nearly over yet.  However, it did start an awfully long time ago and kertrillions of gallons of water have flowed under the bridge where the trolls live.  I managed to avoid eye to eye contact with any of the worst trolls and stuck to knitting shawls for comfort. 

There’s the Forest Canopy shawl, the Shetland Triangle shawl and the rather odd very easy shawl in garter stitch and stocking stitch, with variations on reverse stocking stitch and k3 rows, p1 row… in a very weird yarn from Wendy (who? vaguely reminiscent of Patons or Sirdar?) called ‘Happy’. Still not really happy, splits a lot, was tempted by 75% bamboo and 25% nylon… and the price tag £5-50 for 400m. I made up the pattern as I went along, bored by the yarn, not wanting to give up.  Even the increasing either side of the five central ‘spines’ did not keep me from boredom.  Maybe I should meditate more.  In any case I’m into my second 400m and zooming along, bit between my teeth.  Just let me meet one of those trolls on the way!

I’ve still got two pairs of socks on the go, one in Edinburgh for J and one at home for me, in Noro sock yarn, which I don’t like either. 

Time for reflection.  I have baskets and baskets of yarns I drool over.  Why am I knitting with yarns I don’t like?  Since I think it’s already the end of the year – mere wishful thinking – I shall make this my New Year’s resolution, to knit with the most yummy yarns I have.  I am not exactly likely to stop buyin them when they are used up ;/

Picis of Forest Canopy, Shetland Triangle and another, Nutmeg Alpaca, on ravelry

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Now it’s finished I’m so pleased with it!  It’s quite a heavy weight yarn, drapes beautifully, and ideal for Edinburgh – the colours are so moody with shafts of light breaking through.  It’s the House of Hemp Expressions 4ply hemp, which knits as thickish DK.  Dressing with the new dressing wires I bought online from Heirloom Knitting was very very easy.  I threaded the wires through the points and through every 3rd row along the top, then pinned the wires to the carpet.  My stroke of genius was to take a steam iron – this is hemp – and steam the whole thing.  Only took an hour or so to dry fully and it worked fantastically well.

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Dressing wires for the Forest Canopy

This is becoming one unwieldy baby, this young Forest Canopy!  I know it’s got to be nearly finished because the stitches are finding it difficult to stay on the 80cm Addi circular and are queing up to commit suicide over the tips and into the dark void of unravelry.  My dressing / blocking wires came yesterday and I haven’t dared unpack them.  Never dressed a shawl before… or any kind of lace for that matter.  I can’t tell how large the shawl is going to be, because of the stitches’ precarious existence and any stretching may prove to be the stab in the back for them, or the addi ripped out from under their feet.

My son thinks the dressing wires could be used as welding rods…

In any case I’m going to start the border after this next repeat is finished.  May have to find a couple of corks to bung up the ends.

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New yarns!

I’ve been enhancing my stash again 🙂








Beautiful cobweb kid mohair lace yarn from the Natural Dye Studio in a dusty apricot.

Burgundy cobweb yarn in lambswool and silk – 2000m of this.

and from Edinburgh’s LYS K1, Noro’s Kureyon sock yarn.  200g so about 840m.  I thought I might like to do something lacy with it, but the long, long colour repeats work against that, so I think it will be good old socks.  Am into socks at the moment.

And the Forest Canopy shawl is beginning to look like nothing on earth, a very good indication in lace that one is getting somewhere at last 🙂

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Forest Canopy

I’m slightly confused about this shawl… it’s so small!  I’m adding pattern repeats, and got to the suggested number of stitches way before half my yarn was used.  And I wouldn’t have been able to wear it like that, not even just draped over the shoulders.  I’m enjoying the pattern for mindless knitting, and it is growing extremely fast.  I had forgotten how fast lace grows 🙂  I’ve had to tink a couple of times, where mindlessness took over and I forgot the increases on the solid knit rows, for example, but so far it’s been very restful. 

The DK hemp is very strange to knit with, compared with fine hemp from The House of Hemp.  The latter is beautiful to handle, slips through the fingers like silk, woos and entices one on to greater things.  The thicker yarn feels like stiff string to knit with.  I like the effect but I won’t be using it again.  The colours are superb and suit the shawl;  wonder if they can do that particular dyeing feat in the finer yarn… ?

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On the move

Moving along… I’ve moved entirely from www.alternativeknitting.co.uk which I kept going for years and years and years… couldn’t do the dhtml myself any more, too much hassle.  So here I am.  And I’m moving house… tell you more about that later.  And the hemp Forest Canopy is coming on really nicely.  So much power in knitting through crises, eh?  Blog and home all at the same time.  Hmmm

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Forest Canopy shawl


I’ve joined the herd!  It’s lovely shawl to knit, and this one is in DK hemp, much thicker yarn than I would normally use.  More details on ravelry.

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