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Popping up in the garden now spring has sprung – beautiful dandylions!  I took James Green’s extremely good advice and carefully dug up six or seven small plants to make a tincture from root, leaves, flowers, buds, the lot.  Dandylion (or ‘pis en lit’) as the French so aptly put it, is a good diuretic, full of potassium, so no supplements needed as with other diuretics, and is excellent for the prevention of kidney stones.  Those who have ever had one, know how extremely ‘ouch’ they can be.  It is also excellent for the liver and the digestion.  More on that later.

How I did it:  I washed the plants very carefully, removing all the earth without losing any of the plant itself.  then I chopped it all very small, stuffed it into a small kilner jar – it came to the top – and added 40% vodka, to the top.  This was then tipped into a bowl and I ‘blitzed’ it with the braun shredder, and tipped it back into the kilner jar.  The top rim was carefully cleaned and then the jar sealed and labelled.  This will now be shaken twice a day for 14 days, when I shall strain the mixture through a square of cotton muslin.  The tincture will be ready to take then.  5ml twice a day, until it is gone.

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I’ve cast on in Rowan wool – cotton from stash.  Usually I knit this yarn as a thick 4ply, here it is doing good duty as a DK.  I couldn’t bring myself to use a fine 4ply as the pattern suggests, but it is working out very well so far.  Dark marled grey and off black.  Very easy pattern to follow.  I ignored the hem and knitted a few rows of garter stitch for the bottom edge.

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