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Well, I’ve been knitting and buying a flat with Joolz, getting my divorce through, knitting some more, commuting to London from Edinburgh, working, teaching, training, sleeping, not sleeping, getter fatter, getting thinner, learning to spin, not spending enough time in Edinburgh, wanting to own my own home again, worrying, not worrying, all the usual type of stuff.

Knitting:  see me on ravelry for knitting recently.  A couple of scarves and quite a large Susan Pandorf shawl.  Oh yes, and an Ulmus shawl.  It’s been a good knitting season.

Buying a flat:  yes, we finally bought one, the best of the bunch we’ve really wanted to live in, so it was meant to be.  Quite large, on a quiet crescent in the centre of Edinburgh, West End into New Town, just away from the drag with a small garden and very large private gardens owned by the two crescents in the middle.  Moving in on December 4th.

Learning to spin:  with the lovely Sue MacNiven.  She is amazing and taught us over one of the most stressful weekends (last weekend) I’ve experienced in recent times (divorce, buying property, selling property, family members dying, oh, we’ve had it all!).  Sue is a total joy and enormous fun.  She is chicksinrubber on ravelry because she is a fly fishing instructor 🙂


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