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Knitting and trauma

I’m traveling again, in London doing the last of six modules in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing Training for treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and physiological or neurological overwhelm in the body and brain.  Good 3-year training, full-on, but we certainly end up knowing what we are doing. 

Trauma Knitting… Ishbel with garter stitch instead of stocking stitch – a little like wool pedlar’s shawl in that respect, but much wider.  Even wider than the original Ishbel design, obviously, as garter stitch reduces the length down the middle from centre back to tip.  I’m enjoying it, even having to frequently rip back a row when I haven’t paid attention – or is it the trauma – anyway, it’s looking lovely in raspberry pink hand-dyed 4ply yarn.

I’ve finished two ‘Perky Parallelogram’ scarves, smallish and not unsurprisingly parallelogram-shaped.  No picis as yet, life in general has been full-on, without the trauma training to complicate matters. 

I’m fantasizing about doing some Mindful Awareness Meditation training after this… it’s an oasis on the horizon… 🙂

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Yes, I’m trying to sort my queue out again.  Can’t quite get the hang of where to add set tags as opposed to normal tags, except set tags are easier as you just click on them.  As usual my queue would have me knitting until I’m 380, that is if I didn’t add any items between now and then. 

I’m getting into Twist Collective, love their designs.  At last more demanding and less of the ‘fast food, fast knitting’ approach.  As I’ve observed the Ravelry phenomenon over the last few months, it seems to me that exposure to very good knitting has increased the standard of all things knitterly.  Knitters are again attempting more complex items without making a big song and dance about it, and achieving beautiful results.  Twist is a very auspicious symptom of this, I think.

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It’s finished at last… completed almost entirely whilst commuting between Edinburgh and London, and a little at City Knitty Stitch and Bitch in Edinburgh.  The scarf goes with so much of what I wear – and with what Joolz wears too 🙂  The Noro sock yarn looks fairly good in this incarnation – for socks I would not used it unstriped. 

Snow at Gatwick Feather and Fan scarf

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