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Healing Trauma

Book no 5

This is a work related book, but not too technical and beautifully devised and written.  It is a self-help book for those who have experienced trauma – any event or series of events or circumstances in which the person feels that their life, integrity, identity, or their core self is threatened.  This can be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, or in a combination of ways.  It explains what happens in the physiology and nervous system when the individual experiences trauma, and how our systems are geared to surviving it and ‘re-setting’ after trauma.  It also explains how we can get ‘stuck’ and not re-set to healthy ‘normal’ levels and what we can do about it.  It’s a 12 step programme with accompanying CD and I would recommend it for anyone who has experienced trauma.  It simplifies beautifully the work I do as a professional in this field and is easily understandable – and Peter Levine is one of the leading authorities on trauma.

Healing Trauma – Peter Levine


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Abraham who?

Book no 4

Abraham’s books (Esther and Jerry Hicks) are collections of teachings on manifesting, the law of attraction, intending, whatever you want to call it.  ‘Abraham’ is the name of non-physical entities who have ‘channelled’ their teaching through Esther Hicks.  Whether this is ‘true’ or just a very good marketing tool, I don’t know.  But when you read Esther and Jerry’s introductions it’s hard to believe that they could have come up with the content of the book. 

The language is intelligent, clear and light, without being patronising.  And whoever the authors are, they have a wonderfully non-sentimental approach to life and manifesting.  Their views on the folly of trying to get other people to behave in certain ways (i.e. parents with their kids) is so far removed from anything American I have ever come across, it’s hard to imagine how this has become a best-seller over there.  However, this series of books is supposed to have inspired ‘The Secret’, which I’ve neither seen nor read.

This book is entirely practical and gives a clear explanation (actually several explanations) of how we are attracting circumstances, people and events into our lives all the time through what we focus on in our thoughts, and shows us how to use our emotions as gauges of whether what we are attracting is beneficial to us or not.    It then details 22 techniques for changing the way we think to attract what we want in our lives rather than what we don’t want.

Even though it may be hard to swallow the ‘non-physical entity’ bit about the authors (and at the same time the vacuous nature of Esther and Jerry’s introductions) the books are the best I’ve come across and I use the teachings all the time, day in, day out.

Ask and It is Given

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More Donna Leon

Encouraged by the first Donna Leon I read, I went straight into ‘Uniform Justice’ and the ‘Suffer the Little Children’.  Both intriguing, character driven, and no straight answers.  I love the way she doesn’t feel it necessary to choose a one-dimensional ending, but leaves things much as they are in real life, I suspect.

Uniform Justice   At a military school in Venice a cadet is found hanged – Leon explores issues of justice, integrity and conspiracy within the military.

Suffer the Little children  Childless couples, babies for sale – justice or injustice in taking babies away from their ‘adoptive’ parents.  Social issues, plenty of mystery and a character driven story.

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