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New home, new picis

Well, I’m here and I’m in!  The move took six days in all:  the weekend of 17th and 18th to pack everything into 58 boxes (!),  Tuesday last week to load and drive almost all the way to Edinburgh, Wednesday to arrive and unload, then Thursday and Friday to gently unpack and get things where I wanted them, as well as buy the odd thing here and there to make up for the very scarce storage space in the flat.  The only storage cupboard is external – turn left for my front door, turn right for the cupboard.  It’s now full of yarn 🙂

The light is fantastic up here, and in the flat, and I have a view over Edinburgh which takes my breath away.  One side, the one with the view, overlooks the canal, the other looks out onto traditional Edinburgh tenements in their beautiful yellow stone.  I’m five minutes away from the deli, the bank and the post office, a couple of minutes from corner shops, and 25 minutes away from the centre of Edinburgh on foot.  Here’s the view looking left and right from my (enormous!) balcony.








This is the view over Edinburgh, with the old brewery on the other side of the canal and the skyline beyond:








horneterrace10This is the view from the front of the building, onto Horne Terrace from my clinic room:





horneterrace2And this it what it looks like inside – so much light it was difficult to get picis that worked at all.  Must try to find out how the camera works…

The angles are all very strange here as this is a converted warehouse.




The yarn baskets in full attendance…







I’m loving the boarded floors and high ceilings.  My books are not quite all on three tall bookcases so  I’m going to have to get another one – all in good time.


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52 Books in 52 Weeks

A mad Ravelry idea, one that I am finding inspiring right now – I may well have more reading opportunities this year.  We are not supposed to read one book every week, but an average of 52 in 52 weeks, i.e. by 31st December 2009.   And not just knitting books!

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My moving day approaches

A week today, next Tuesday 20th, I’ll be vrooming my way up to Edinburgh in the SmartCar with Joolz.  The removal men will have left before us, and hopefully my very absent and almost errant current landlord will have got it together to arrange a check-out for me that day.  I’m not holding my breath. 

I’m moving to the top floor of a converted warehouse overlooking the canal, which immediately conjours up images of gigantic spaces… but not in this case.  Although it is light and airy and beautiful, it is really no bigger than where I am now, with much less storage space to boot.  However, it IS beautiful, and I still can’t quite believe I found it 🙂

I love the idea of being by the side of the canal, in a very tranquil residential area, yet a couple of minutes’ wander from the nearest deli and 25 minutes’ walk from the very centre of Edinburgh, passing through Bruntsfield Links and the Meadows should I so wish.

Knitting will take on a particularly yummy flavour there.  I shall miss the Brighton Stitch’n’Bitch, although I didn’t often get to the meetings (was usually on a plane when they were frolicking in Starbucks!) 

Of the mountain of admini stuff that goes hand in hand with moving cities with home and business, I think I am nearing the end of the pile.  I think.  No doubt something will occur to me in glorious technicolour at 3am this morning.

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Garden Variety Collection

Susan Pandorf’s lovely shawls and scarves (beaded!!!) have been tugging at my knitting heart for a long time.  So I’ve taken advantage of her EXTENDED Christmas offer of all 5 Garden Variety patterns for $20 (and Poinsettia, too).  Yippee!  Beads’n’lace, beads’n’lace, beads’n’lace, yummmm!  Susan is Pandosu on ravelry.

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What to knit next?????

This is the perennial question, and the ravelry queue isn’t helping, no, not at all. Of all the wonderful things on there that I determined to knit immediately, now I have the space and time, I don’t fancy any of them.

No.  The only thing to do is to PRUNE!  This is befitting of New Year And All That and a clean sweep to make room for new mad things to do and ponder.   Certainly more gloves, and a couple of scarves or shawls, definitely beaded.  Susan Pandorf’s designs are lovely.  And, of course, Anne Hanson. 

Over the break I finished Joolz’ socks up in Edinburgh – didn’t take camera so no picis yet, and started some buttoned gauntlets for me.  Also left in Ed because of the knitting needle flying restrictions at Gatwick. 

Which brings me to… my flight home last nigiht from Edinburgh, which, because of strikes at Spanish airports, was delayed 5 hours from 19-20 to midnight-15!  This meant that I missed the last train to Brighton by enormous amounts and I found myself at the taxi kiosk discovering that a cab to Brighton would cost me £60.  Then appeared a lovely lady who also wanted to go to Brighton, and we shared.  Serendipitous!  I got to bed at 3am, not bad given what might have been.  Now had I been able to knit, my new gloves would have been finished!  I’ll try security again with wooden circulars, and see if they let those through.  When I asked they were adamant that even those were not welcome.

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