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I have no picis yet of the shetland Triangle shawl I did… almost finished… for the Ravelympics, but it is coming on apace.  Had I done the specified number of repeats I would have finished well within the deadline, but that would have given me a shawl about 50cm deep and 1m across, so not much use for wearing.  I took it on holiday to Donegal with me, but didn’t get much done, then steamed away with it when we got back to Brighton, but since then I’ve got back to work… and I’m flying to Edinburgh tonight… where Joolz socks await me.

Joolz (re-) learned to knit this August and has started a scarf – or scraf, as we bizarrely now call them – in blue blue blues from my stash.  5 sts garter stitch each side, then blocks of 10 stocking stitch, 10 reverse stocking stitch for 50 stitches, reversing these when the colour changes, at random, or when Joolz gets fed up with the current one.  Which is how I did mine, here.


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