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Retro-rib Koigu socks…

… are coming on apace.  It takes an hour to get to Victoria from Brighton on the train, and because I am getting on at Brighton, I get a seat!!! Yippee!!! Which means that I get some knitting done.  On Monday it was 4 – 5 inches worth of a retro-rib sock in Koigu sock yarn.  It’s turning out like a distinguished rainbow, none of these harsh colours, no, just very mellow.

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I think I’m settling

I had my first work day today from the new home… went very well and I feel good about it.  Saw my daughter in the afternoon, and she was communicative and positive.  Pheewwwww!  Am seeing my middle son tomorrow after his work finishes – the first time i’ve seen him after we told the kids we were splitting.  He also sounds very positive onthe phone, so I hope it will be good. 

It’s an amazing feeling to be living on my own again – I LOVE IT!!!!!

All the people who live on my area seem to be youngsters – joy!  Life and energy and off the wall stuff, and no sign of conventionality.  Yippee!  And not a few of them take the same 7:16 train as me on a Monday up to Town, and at least one of them gets the same train back arriving at 23:10.  I have a long long long day on Mondays.  Having said that, I haven’t actually met any of my immediate neighbours yet.  That’s ok though, as they are not complaining about anything I have been doing, like going in and out a lot ;/-

It’s good here.

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I’ve been so busy moving, I hadn’t heard about this, but I’ve decided, wildly, to attempt a Shetland Triangle for the event.  I’ll be knitting for Dog Chicken and Aardvark, the Brighton nomadic knitters.  One of these days I’ll be able to join them on their travels.  The yarn will be House of Hemp Expressions 2ply, of which I have a sizeable selection, at my new home.  It’s been calling for shawl status for a while now.  Picis when I can move my body to find the camera without aching from lugging all those boxes over the last two days 🙂

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I’m in!

Yes… I’ve moved and I’m in my new flat.  It’s looking lovely, the sitting room / kitchen is more or less done and tidy, the bedroom is festooned with clothes, as I haven’t got a wardrobe at the moment… the office is looking very efficient, but for one or two boxes of files for which I haven’t got the shelves yet…  I fear another trip to Ikea is on the cards, my book stash is almost as overwhelming as my yarn stash.   I brought my selection of currently favourite yarns, and the rest is still in plastic boxes at the former homestead.  I’ll be moving it over bit by bit… I’ve only got a smartcar, fab for whizzing me around, not so good for large scale transportation.

It’s Pride night tonight in Brighton, and the town is full of very happy people.  I met a couple out shopping who were being towed along by the most beautiful lurcher X staffy, looking VERY much like my son’s Pickle.  We chatted, and the girls chatted too, and tails were wagged furiously.  Jessie the lurcher X was fascinated by the array of costumes passing by, and wanted to say hello to ALL of the wearers.  It’s so lovely to be able to walk out of my front door and be in town, amongst the throngs, in a few minutes.  Happy bunny here 🙂

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