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Yes… it’s happening.  I’m moving this Thursday.  I get the keys after clinic in the early afternoon, my son is helping me by putting up bookshelves and stuff like that, then on Friday morning I’ll be moving ‘proper’ with a van, hopefully with as least fuss as possible.  Now I can’t wait.  I haven’t packed a thing yet… I’m not taking much, but my books, my yarn… some clothes… a little furniture… some kitchen things (my favourites)… and I’ll buy hoover, iron, kettle on thursday afternoon.

The last time I moved was 23 years ago, so this is truly strange.  Good feeling, though.

Won’t make Brighton S’n’B tonight.  Need to pack.

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Keep me sane socks

Do what they say on the tin!  Noro sock yarn, Retro Rib Socks pattern from Interweave’s Favorite Socks.

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I’ve found a flat!

I’m moving out of the family home I’ve been in for 23 years, leaving my husband of 26 years, and starting clean new all over again.  A friend remarked on the end of an era… I’m just hoping I’ll find the stamina to begin a whole new one.

So I’ve been looking for a flat in Brighton.  Somewhere to live, that’s mine.  To rent, of course.  And the one I’ve found is right in the centre of Brighton, at City Point.  Brand new development, lots of light, wide wide open pedestrianised avenues, I can walk everywhere.  And it’s just down the hill from the station.  And there’s a car park for my little smart car next door to it.  Views are of the inner quadrant, leafy and green and spacious, or to the pedestrian boulevard the other side.  It’s a total contrast to the 15th C farmhouse I am moving from, and I’m rather looking forward to it.

The only problem is, how do I house my stash in my new home and how much of it am I going to be able to move there.  Hopefully all of it, but that may be optimistic.  In any case it will require a total review of all yarn everywhere, an inventory even.  I’m also slightly apprehensive that my girlfriend does not actually know about the sheer volume of my stash.  She has heard rumours, I’ve tried to explain, she knows the extent of my library, as a sort of yardstick for comparison purposes… but I suspect she hasn’t a scoobie in her wildest imaginings about the EXTENT of my yarn stash.  Oh well.  I have a feeling the flat will be all books and yarn.  🙂

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What AM I going to knit next?  Scroll down for picis of the finished Ravens’ Wing Forest Canopy Shawl.  Shall I just get on with the 772 squares shawl? 

Or start some new socks?  Or another shawl??? I fancy a Swallowtail.  There are loads of them on Ravelry, mouthwatering!  I love nearly all the socks in Interweave’s ‘Favorite Socks’ and I really want to try out the ‘Two-Yarn Resoleable Socks’ with some less durable 4ply yarns on top, and proper sock yarn for the soles, toes and heels.  Imagine cashmere socks that can actually be worn?

Then again, I need something mindless and portable, as things are still very stressful at home.  Maybe some simple socks from the koigu yarn I bought at K1 Yarns in Edinburgh.  Must do something with yarn from stash 🙂

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Now it’s finished I’m so pleased with it!  It’s quite a heavy weight yarn, drapes beautifully, and ideal for Edinburgh – the colours are so moody with shafts of light breaking through.  It’s the House of Hemp Expressions 4ply hemp, which knits as thickish DK.  Dressing with the new dressing wires I bought online from Heirloom Knitting was very very easy.  I threaded the wires through the points and through every 3rd row along the top, then pinned the wires to the carpet.  My stroke of genius was to take a steam iron – this is hemp – and steam the whole thing.  Only took an hour or so to dry fully and it worked fantastically well.

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Poetry for Women’s Aid

Last night at Brighton Stitch ‘n Bitch was lovely as usual.  A very fine array of knitwork was underway, and Harvey was flogging ‘Not All Men Are From Mars’, her dad’s poetry book for Women’s Aid.  He’s Poet Laureate, is Peter Wyton, her dad, you know.  The knitting poem is particularly entertaining 🙂

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We’re meeting on Friday 11th, that’s tomorrow, (except I’ll be in Oxford, I’ve just realised), at the Sanctuary in Brighton.  No, Hove.  At 2:30pm.  Wish I could be there, but I have a supervision session in Oxford.  Have fun, you lot!

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