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Xtreme stress socks

I started these this month, just before things started getting very, very stressful at home.  They went awry in many ways and I didn’t have the energy to frog … but I love them because I kept going with them when things got really bad.  I couldn’t remember how to graft the toes, so closed them with a rustic 3 needle bind-off… I forgot the garter stitch ribbing just below the rolled edge on the second sock, so left it 2×2 – you can see the line of smoothness… the stitch count went weird on the toe shaping on the second sock (second sock was just starting when the **** hit the fan) and I left it and muddled through to a sort of shape that snuggles around my toes…

Things are even worse now, in the stress count, although I am actually quite happy deep down.  So I’m going to try to get on with the Forest Canopy shawl.  Not too much can go wrong there, can it?


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Forest Canopy shawl


I’ve joined the herd!  It’s lovely shawl to knit, and this one is in DK hemp, much thicker yarn than I would normally use.  More details on ravelry.

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Red days

Sock yarn

I’ve noticed that on my Ravelry page (I’m alternativeyarns there) it’s looking red.  Very red.  Reds all over the place.  Usually I’m a much cooler blues and greens person.  Hmmmm.  May have something to do with the fact that life is hotting up for me, change of home, change in relationships, new business, all sorts of interesting stuff.  However, I want to be looking at more blues on my ravelry projects page.  Maybe the Forest Canopy is cooler.  Still reddy black but definitely cooler with some greens.

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Brighton S’n’B

I’ve been able to get down to Starbucks opposite Churchill Square in the last couple of months for the Brighton S’n’B – how wonderful is it to join with other knitters over a cup of good coffee!  I have been bedazzled by the array of socks on the go at the moment, and also one rather neat little stuffed cup cake which reminded me of a diminutive version of the knitted breasts we used to make for midwives in their attempts to persuade new mothers to breast feed.

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