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Just Jussi – Bella!

I’ve just bought the pattern for this beautiful little pinafore dress from http://www.justjussi.com/knit_patterns.htm .  All in leftover sock yarns.  Yum.

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Raven’s Wing shawl

It’s started – scroll down for a pici – but I haven’t got nearly enough yarn and I’m not sure how the shaping is working out.  It’s all good on paper, and then … in reality it sometimes doesn’t quite go right.  So I am going to stall it for a while and play around with the feathers with some easier yarn, then order some more hemp and go back to it.  I think it would be esier to see in plain old merino DK so I’ll experiment with that.  The possibilities are endless…

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Autumnal socks – with an odd toe

I’ve finished the socks for Chris.  As once before I ran out of yarn and had to improvise the toe.  Then  it turned out that the sock was larger than usual… must be the weird yarn.  Some kind of wool with lycra, so it stretches when you knit with it.  I didn’t enjoy the experience, so I’m not frogging.  Chris loves them and they are not bunching up in his boots, so all is fine with the world.



 I’ve also started my Ravens Wing shawl in House of Hemp hemp DK weight in a beautiful colourway reminiscent of… a raven’s wing.  Here is is still onthe skein with some other House of Hemp purchases.


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Gloves and socks

As I spend more time in Edinburgh I’m beginning to notice the need for gloves… and warm socks…  The quality of weather in Edinburgh is a state of mind.  Either it’s beautiful, even when it’s cold, wet and windy, or it’s – well – cold wet and windy.  Or should I say, the quality of Edinburgh weather is a state of underwear, overwear, gloves, socks and attitude.  I love it and support that decision with plenty of warm, easy to move in clothing.

Now I need to look at gloves, particularly fingerless gloves, as I don’t like not being able to feel with my fingers.  German sock yarn comes to mind, and I shall look on ravelry for ideas.  Well, and this will get me back into sock knitting in a big way 🙂

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Oh how exciting!  I go under the name of ‘alternativeyarns’ on Ravelry.  I have acquired a small queue  – and am expecting more – and I’m listing not a few projects.  In fact Ravely is entirely moreish…

asymmetric reds

This is the kind of thing I’ve been adding. 

I’ve also been adding some of my favourite books.  Now isn’t it amazing how many one acquires in the long run of a knitting life?  Apparently I’ve added 48… and I use them constantly although the last time I knitted anything from a pattern I can’t remember.  The most wonderful thing about Ravelry is that you can look up a book and see what others have knitted with the patterns.  I think I’m in heaven 🙂

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Cameras and phones and technical angst

I have a Motorola mobile.  A fine little phone with a camera.  I use the phone for business and general keeping in touch with friends etc and the camera for knit pics for blogging and ravelrying.  So now my laptop won’t speak to my phone so I can’t download the photos I’ve taken, and I can’t find the software CD.  I’m going to have to look online.  I am also fair tempted to get myself a little digital camera and one of those industrial type mobiles my son has which have a better signal (we live in a dip and my girlfriend also lives in an only vaguely receptive area).  Goodbye Motorola…

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New and yet strangely old…

I’ve just signed up with WordPress… must be easier than dhtmling my own … mustn’t it?  I was getting fair fed up with it, and it doesn’t support spontaneous blogging at all.  We’ll see what happens.  Maybe I’m just not a spontaneous blogger.

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